Weather Policy

In Hawaii, rain and wind are unpredictable and a part of daily life. Unfavorable conditions involve high winds (anytime the top of the unit is bending due to high winds) and heavy rain (steady rainfall, puddles on the ground and tarp).

If it rains on the day of your event and you call us to cancel at least two hours prior to your scheduled drop off time, we will provide you a full refund of payments you made to us. If you wish to cancel but do not call us at least two hours prior to your scheduled drop off time, you will forfeit the $50 deposit you paid to us.

If you choose to have the jumper set up, we will collect the balance of your rental and no refund or credit will be given due to rain. Upon acceptance of the unit, you become the lessee and are obligated to take care of the jumper unit.

Rain is a hazard due to slippage and electrical shock near the blower. High winds are a potential hazard due to the unit flipping over with children in it. If it starts to rain or the wind picks up, please have the children exit the jumper, unplug or turn off the blower/motor. Cover it with a tarp, garbage bag or move it to a dry area. Let the unit deflate by itself. Do not operate the jumper in the rain. Do not operate the blower with a bag or other covering placed over it.


Thank you for your cooperation.