Book a Bounce House and Make Your Party Fun

Book a Bounce House and Make Your Party Fun

Bouncy castles are hugely entertaining and kids love them.  Let’s be honest adults love them too although most won’t admit it.  They are colourful, attention grabbing and whether they are at a party, carnival, school event or theme park there is usually a lineup of kids waiting their turn to start jumping.  They come with bouncing platforms, rides and inflatable games.  Let’s talk about how to book a bounce house and make your party fun!

Party Rentals

How do you go about renting a bounce house for your party?  It’s pretty easy actually there are tons of rental companies all over that would be more than happy to book your party.  You can book one or more bounce houses and you can keep them as long as you need them.  Renting a bounce house isn’t that expensive but the bigger the castle the more they are going to cost.  Here is a look at the variety of bounce houses that are available to you.

Keep the Party Rolling

Bouncy castles allow you to just let the kids jump, slide and entertain themselves but there are plenty of games that can be played on them too.  There are bounce houses with mazes, slides or even jousting platforms.  Kids can compete for prizes but do so safely, if one gets knocked off while jousting no one is going to get hurt.

Buying or Renting

If you have a couple of kids and birthday parties are a pretty regular event around your house then you may think of buying an inflatable rather than renting for each and every part.  On the one hand it may be cheaper to buy than to continually rent and you can call around or look online to check out the prices.  You also get to use them year round rather than just waiting for a birthday.  There are two drawbacks to buying your own bounce house.  The first is the upfront cost, you will pay far more buying than you will for a single rental.  The other drawback is that you don’t get the variety that you would have if you rented.  If your daughter wants a castle for her party and your son wants a pirate ship which one will you buy?  Renting can give you more flexibility.

A bouncy castle can make your party a ton of fun and the kids will have a blast, make no mistake you might even find an adult or two sneaking in a few bounces too.